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So you may notice that recently you are hearing the term “API” and/or “REST API” more and more especially around the ConnectWise community. While I would be willing to go through in more detail in another post what that means – my focus right now is showing how to get started with the REST API with Manage.

REST API can be used in various forms of automation (getting data, posting data, updating records, etc.) including but not limited to: Dashboarding (I am a fan of Power BI), third-Party integrations (via Zapier, PowerShell, etc.) and many other uses which we will unfold.

Useful Information/Links/Tools

  • Postman – Postman makes getting started with API and API Development a breeze. For a newbie, they make it very easy and there is a lot of documentation and guides out there surrounding Postman in use for testing and developing with numerous APIs.
  • ConnectWise Developer Network – This website provides access to the API library, database library and everything else you could desire for getting started with developing/automating/reporting from the ConnectWise suite. Best part — its FREE.
  • MSPGeek (Formerly LabTechGeek) Community – This community is a good resource for “all things ConnectWise” and is a fantastic resource for anyone new to the community.

ConnectWise API Member Setup

In order to access the API we must first generate an API Member within Manage. ConnectWise makes this extremely easy.

  • Open ConnectWise Manage
  • Navigate to System > Members
  • Go to the API Members tab > Select New (+) > New Item
    • Fill out the required fields: Member ID, Member Name, Time Zone, Role ID, Level, Name, etc.
    • Press Save.
    • Navigate to the API Keys tab
      • Press New (+)
      • Provide a Description. Press Save.
      • A Public and Private key will be generated. You MUST document your private key as it will not be shown again. Or, you will have to generate a new public and private key combo.

Testing our API Access

So, now that we have our API member we can do some testing. As you can see above — I highly recommend using Postman for this.

  • Open Postman
  • Start a new Tab (Ctrl+T)
  • Input the following information:
    • Request Type: GET
    • URL:
      • (CW Cloud)
      • (On-Premise)
  • Select the Authorization tab
    • Select Type: Basic Auth
    • Username: CompanyID+Public Key (ex: comertech+
    • Password: Private Key
  • Press Send.
  • You should see a Status: 200 OK and results in JSON format in the body.

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